"Why does everybody have to fight about everything,

argue and steal from each other all the time? I mean, it's a big enough world. Why can't we share it? Wolves and humans and birds and flowers living together as equals? If we all got to paradise, that's how it would be, wouldn't it?"

Toboe (トオボエlit. "Howling") is a Red Wolf

and the youngest member of the group. He appears to be around 13 in human years, often acting more like a wolf pup than a fully-grown wolf. He is usually the kindest of the pack, but can act aggressive when he and his friends are attacked.

Plot Edit

Toboe is a lone wolf living on the streets of Freeze City when he meets a young human girl named Leara. Seeing that he was competing against crows for food, she offers him some sausages, which he readily eats. She pets him before she leaves. He returns to meet with Leara, only to see her releasing a falcon and, wanting to bring it back to her, he chases it. He catches it and gives it to her, only to realize that he'd accidentally killed it. Upset, he continued to apologize until he finally revealed his true form, howling sadly. Another wolf, Tsume, heard his howl and quickly snatched him away from her. Tsume scolds him for being so careless, but otherwise tries to ignore Toboe. While Toboe tried to befriend Tsume, the other wolf's abrasive attitude towards him eventually lead to their separation.

While eating old food from the same alley he first met Leara in, he meets Kiba and Hige, who are trying to make their way out of the city. who soon decide to let Tsume join. While Kiba, Tsume and Hige look around he watches Cheza till they get back. He and Hige look around a town and try to buy Cheza other things but Toboe loses the game when Cheza accepts the boots Hige got her.

Cheza is taken from them by Darcia and beats them up. On the journey to paradise Kiba passes out into a coma. Toboe befriends a talking horse and has a flashback of when he lived with Granny, who took him in as a pet, and when he had accidentally killed when he wanted to play. After Kiba recovers, the pack begins their journey again, eventually being attacked by a giant walrus. While at first Toboe is frightened by the creature, something seems to snap inside of him and he is able to kill the walrus with little help from the others. Soon later Blue joins them as does Quent, Cher, Hubb, and Cheza.

In Gunshot of Remorse, Toboe follows Quent Yaiden into the desert trying to convince him to come back when they run into Darcia, who tempted them both to attack him. Quent pointed his gun at Darcia and just when Toboe jumps at Darcia, Quent shoots his gun, accidentally hitting Toboe as a result. High Tide, High Time begins with Darcia shooting Quent, then he disappears. Toboe crawls next to Quent and they both lie next each other as they die. Later the whole wolf pack arrived and mourned their deaths.

Toboe can be seen in the reborn world rescuing a kitten.

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