Wolfy—the Ultimate Ruler of the Dragon Ball FM World—is a character based on author Krešo Wolf Rukavina used to represent himself in appearances in the Dragon Ball FM series, usually of a comedic nature.

Biography Edit

Background Edit

Rukavina is the ultimate ruler of the Dragon Ball FM world, and therefore likely greater than Zen-Oh.

Dragon Ball FM Edit

Hell Gates Saga Edit

Wolfy makes few appearances in the early parts of the Dragon Ball FM. He can be seen escaping Hell with many demons and past villains.

Universe Survival Saga Edit

He cheers for the every team at the Tournament of Power.

Conspiracy and Survival Saga Edit

This time he breaks the fourth wall by writing-off Zen-oh from the entire series thus saving Universe 7 from erasure.

Power Edit

Rukavina is far greater than the Supreme Kais, Gods of Destruction, and even Zen-Oh. As the author and especially as a kind of supreme deity, he possesses power over the entire Dragon Ball FM world and can draw up whatever he wants as long he has a pencil and paper, as proven when he written-off Goten, Trunks, Bulla, Pan and Zen-oh.

Techniques Edit

  • Write-off – The strongest technique of Dragon Ball FM, Wolfy needs to just have a pencil and paper and he can remove anyone from the series.

List of Characters killed by Wolfy Edit

  • Goten - Killed by Write-off
  • Trunks - Killed by Write-off
  • Pan - Killed by Write-off
  • Bulla - Killed by Write-off
  • Toobi - Killed by Write-off
  • Zen-oh - Killed by Write-off
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